Tile Grouting Services

Tile grout functions as a durable filler that helps tiles maintain their flexibility throughout their lifetime. Tile grout is applied into the spaces between each individual tile in your bathroom, balcony or outdoor space. Its main purpose is to prevent moisture from penetrating in between the tiles. Over time tile grout can show signs of wear and tear. This is due to the many elements it will encounter such as: constant wetting, mould build-up and discolouring. As well as grout falling out due to natural building movement and cleaning chemical absorption, which can weaken grout formula.

Leaking Shower Repairs know how to repair your tile grout professionally and cost effectively. A proper re-grouting job will ensure your tiles last as long as possible and withstand the elements. We use proven building products suitable for Australian Building Standards.

Our tile grout cleaning service includes:

  • cleaning and removal of old grout
  • tile grout replacement with premium quality products
  • applying high-quality mould resistant silicone around all areas that cannot be grouted, such as corners, joins, toilets and at the base of shower screens.

Leaking Shower Repairs only uses premium grade grout meaning better adhesion and less absorbent to harsh cleaning products which means it will last longer and is easier to look after.

Bathroom Grouting
bathroom grouting

Aesthetics and Bathroom Design

Generally the most common grout colour is white. Now days there are broader selections of grout colours to choose from. You can also find silicone in a wide range of colours too, from basic white, black and grey. As well as neutral earthy colours such as cream, dark grey, brown, and light brown. We can provide expert advice on your tile and grout selection to enhance your bathroom or balcony design.

If there is a large area of grout to repair, sometimes it can be worth your while to have your bathroom repaired from scratch. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

A new renovation will save you on:

  • time
  • materials
  • labour

If you have an old bathroom, more often some old homes may not contain any waterproofing membrane beneath the tiles. By renovating your bathroom from scratch our technicians can identify any water damage issues and address to have them repaired. For example, if we grout your bathroom and later you realise you still have a leaking shower, then the grouting job will eventually have to be redone again as the whole bathroom will require waterproofing and re-tiling, which will end up costing you more.

Talk to one of our expert team of tilers and have a fresh new bathroom grouting job done right the first time. We will assess the situation onsite and provide you the best possible and cost saving solution for a hassle free Bathroom tiling, waterproofing and renovation job which is guaranteed to last.

Leaking Shower Repairs - Bathroom Grouting
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