Tips to Fix Bathroom Leakage in Your House

Have yellowish patches of peeling paint works on your walls? As much as you want the fittings of your bathroom to look stylish and trendy, waterproofing of your bathroom should also be given equal if not more emphasis. There are several waterproofing methods for your toilet and when deciding which method or material to use for your toilet, you should consult an expert. Here are some tips to fix a bathroom leakage in your house. A properly waterproofed toilet will not experience bathroom leakage problem for a long time, up to decades. Bathroom Leakage problems largely occur due to the lack of professional waterproofing techniques and inappropriate usage of waterproofing materials.

It is to engage general contractors instead of waterproofing specialists. Waterproofing is a highly niche trade and it requires many years of experience in order to be proficient. Also, it is not simply buying materials off the shelves and applying it directly onto your toilets. It is important to consult and engage a professional waterproofing contractor. Water leakage is a very serious problem. Hence, prolonged water seepage can lead to structural damages and compromise the integrity of your walls or concrete structures. Furthermore, water seepage can damage your neighbour and your household appliances and furniture. A good waterproofing system can prevent all these from happening.

However, if you’re facing leaks in your bathroom or your neighbours are complaining of water leaking from your bathroom to their house, fret not. More often than not, leakage repairs do not require the hacking of your toilet’s floor and wall tiles. There are many methods of repair which we are able to advise you on after a round of site inspection. Therefore, some popular and cost-efficient methods of repair include: high pressure polyurethane injection grouting, application of clear waterproofing solution over your existing tiles and more.

Furthermore, note that some bathroom water leakage problems arise from a failed or damaged waterproofing system, while some bathroom water leakage issues are due to faulty or leaking pipes. The way to determine if your water leakage problem is due to issues with waterproofing system or piping system, the best way is to observe your water supply meter. Hence, before you leave home for work, note down the reading on your water meter. Ensure that there is zero usage of water in your house during this period and re-visit your water meter. If you can be sure there is no usage of water and if the water meter shows an increase, the chances of leaking pipes is very high.

Lastly, the best way is still to engage a professional tradesman if these tips to fix bathroom leakage in your house won’t work!

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